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Methyl p-tolyl sulfone
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Author :jmmfci Date:2013-7-23 21:29:48

Chemical name: 4- methyl benzene sulfonamide
Chinese Name: PTSA; p-toluene sulfonamide; p-toluene sulfonamide; of sulfonamide toluene
English Name: p-Toluenesulfonamide
Molecular formula: C7H9NO2S
constitutional formula:

Molecular weight: 171.22
CAS number: 70-55-3
EINECS number: 200-741-1
Physical and chemical properties: white crystals or crystal, melting point 134-137 ℃, soluble in ethanol, insoluble in water, ethyl ether. Flammable, toxic.
Properties and uses: used in the manufacture of plasticizer, disinfectants, fungicides, fungicide, wood brightener. Can also be used for the production of synthetic resin, paint, fluorescent dyes.

Product specifications:

Packaging and storage: lined with plastic bag, outer plastic woven bag packing: net weight is 25kg/ bag; also can be designed according to customer requirements.

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