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Phosphorous acid
Author :jmmfci Date:2013-7-23 22:48:55

Product English Name: Phosphorous acid
Molecular formula: H3PO3
Molecular weight: 82
constitutional formula:

Appearance: colorless crystals.  
Density: 1.651 kg/L 
Melting point: 74 ℃   
Boiling point: 200 ℃ (decomposition)
Physicochemical properties: strong hygroscopicity and deliquescent, soluble in water and alcohol. Into orthophosphoric acid slow oxidation in air. 180 ℃ is decomposed into phosphine and orthophosphate. Corrosive.
CAS number: 13598-36-2  
Quality standard: the standard HG/T 2520-93   
Packaging storage: three plywood drums for export packaging, lined with two layers of polyethylene plastic bag, net weight 50kg. Domestic packaging polyethylene plastic barrel, net weight 30kg. Drum packaging two layer of polyethylene plastic bags or lining, 25kg net weight. The packaging should be marked "corrosive" logo. Two inorganic acid corrosive goods, IMDG Code: 93014. Should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse. Packing seal, no damp upside down, not with alkali substances, toxic substances, H foaming agent and other corrosive materials storage and transportation. Transportation must guard against rain and sun; marine transport cannot be placed on the deck. Loading and unloading to light-light, do not roll and inverted, packaging to prevent breakage. In case of fire, can use sand, dry powder fire extinguishers.
Risk overview: it is inflammable, corrosive, irritant, room temperature will have a white smoke out, can cause human body burns.
Health hazards: This product is irritating to the respiratory tract. Eye contact may cause burns, cause permanent damage. Skin contact can cause severe burns.   
Environmental hazards: the harm to the environment, resulting in water contamination.
Fire and explosion hazards: This product is not flammable, corrosive, irritant, causing burns to human body.

Phosphorous acid is mainly used as the reducing agent, nylon whitening agent, also used as phosphate raw materials, intermediates of pesticides and organic phosphorus water treatment agent of raw materials.

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